Cuppa Kin | Issue #5 September 2020

Cuppa Kin number five! Where has the time gone?!

From reaching 20 million unique spenders, to a search for an Executive Director, there's a lot happening in the world of Kin right now and we’ve got you covered...



by Will Gikandi - September 7, 2020

Something new is coming. Just as farming societies differed in kind from hunting and gathering bands, and industrial societies differed radically from feudal or yeoman agricultural systems, so the New World to come will mark a radical departure from anything seen before.
~ The Sovereign Individual

Some of Kin’s Ecosystem partners

While DeFi tokens have been exploding in popularity over the last few months, Kin’s ecosystem has been growing to a point where its Stellar fork is starting to burst at the seams.


Kin is no stranger to controversy, and has been the subject of a court case with the SEC for the last two years. Rather than litigate and settle quietly, like other companies, Kik Interactive chose to battle the SEC publicly and push to update the definition of a security — instead of regulating by enforcement as the SEC has been doing to the crypto-currency industry.

So far, every crypto the SEC has approached has bent the knee, and either paid a crippling fine or been shut down. Kik’s battle will set a precedent in the industry and inject certainty into the crypto universe.

While You Weren’t Looking

While everyone was distracted by this fight, Kin has been quietly manoeuvring itself to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Organic Demand

Kin has been working to increase its organic demand by creating incentives for regular users to buy and use Kin in apps. While DeFi positions itself to create value for investors, and other cryptos scramble for exchanges, Kin is creating value by pulling apps and millions of regular users through the Kin Rewards Engine. The end goal is to create massive demand for Kin through every app that joins the ecosystem.

Growth Challenges

Kin has been clawing its way up, and has reached a point where it has outgrown its current blockchain, and needs to scale to Solana, so that it can onboard additional partners and users while maintaining a solid user experience.

“Given the open nature of crypto-networks, the underlying technology stack is entirely dynamic. What really matters is the go-to-market strategy. Everything else is a feature that can be forked in or forked out.”
~ Tanner Philp

Handling Growth

To manage this growth, Kin has released Agora, an SDK that allows current and new partners to switch to Solana’s blockchain with minimal interruption to service. Solana can handle 65K transactions per second, and will hopefully be able to manage Kin’s growth in the short to medium term.

What Does This Mean?

If Kin can maintain growth while increasing demand, every new user added will become a potential purchaser of Kin. Tying Kin to a growing app economy will mean added value, month on month that is independent of the crypto bear or bull that should grow despite investor speculation.

Executive Director

With this in mind, the Kin Foundation is looking to acquire an Executive Director to manage Ecosystem Growth, Marketing and Operations. The Director’s role will serve to:

1. Accelerate Growth
2. Increase awareness
3. Oversee the launch and migration to the Solana blockchain

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please head over to this link where you can read the Job Responsibilities and Qualifications, and apply.


So far, Kin has managed to keep itself under the radar, while successfully acquiring millions of users and securing ecosystem partners. What remains to be seen is if Kin can successfully migrate to Solana, maintain its growth and actively acquire new partners into its ecosystem.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Looking to the Future

Kin has spent the last two years:

1. Positioning itself
2. Onboarding partners
3. Perfecting its incentive mechanisms

Kin is poised to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world, and will pull millions of active users into its ecosystem. Growth drives users, and users increase value.

Most cryptos start by marketing and then building their product. Kin did this in reverse.

Kin has worked in the shadows to create the most used crypto

Kin has maneuvered itself to a position of relative advantage, and is now starting to go public.

Stay tuned for updates as Kin begins to publicly scale its growth.

First you win, and then you go to war.
~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War



September, 2020

As Kin enters a new phase of growth and adoption, the Kin Foundation is searching for a full-time Executive Director to lead this exciting market evolution and expansion across the increasingly decentralized and energized ecosystem of Kin stakeholders, developers, influencers and vibrant online communities.

This will be a pivotal position at an important moment in our history. Having peaked at 4 million monthly active spenders, with new users joining daily, Kin’s trajectory has reached a point where we need to scale to handle this steady growth.

Given the growth of the Kin Ecosystem, its vibrant Community, committed Developers, and diverse offerings and programs (eg Kin Ads), we felt there was a need to better harness all these efforts via a managed and coordinated approach and direct leadership that can benefit all stakeholders.

After careful assessment of our needs, and with input from the Kin Community Council, the Kin Representatives, the Kin Foundation’s Board and Kik, we have defined the key requirements for this new function.

This is a key leadership position with an opportunity to make a significant impact on the entire Kin Ecosystem. Reporting to the Foundation’s Board, the Executive Director will be responsible for leading, managing and coordinating 3 key areas for the Kin Foundation:

Foundation Operations (25%)Ecosystem Growth (25%)Marketing Strategy and Outreach (50%)
If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please head over to this link where you can read the Job Responsibilities and Qualifications, and apply:

We are also promoting this listing on Reddit, Twitter and across a variety of online job boards such as Indeed, Monster and others.

Please help us get the word out, or apply!



September 7, 2020

We are very excited to be teaming up with Crypto Kin News to deliver monthly video exclusives for the community!

In the coming weeks, we’re kicking off our 'Ask a Dev' series which sees Liam sit down with a developer of the Kin Ecosystem, and in future episodes, the community will be involved and asked to submit their own questions to make the show as interactive and engaging as possible.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for content you'd like to see, or if you’re a developer of Kin and would like to be featured on the show to promote your project, please get in touch via the form below...

Follow along on Twitter and stay tuned...

@CryptoKinNews x @Cuppa_Kin




Kimeo is a social video platform where everyone gets rewarded.

Creators get Kin for uploading videos and are rewarded for daily video activity. They can then promote their video to boost the activity to grow their viewership...

Follow the links below for more information on this exciting social video app...

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July 2, 2019
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June 17, 2020
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April 23, 2020
Donation to Charity from Kimeo

April 7, 2020
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September 24, 2019
Kimeo Marketplace

Kimeo has over 50,000 downloads on Android! Try it out for yourself here...


by Polype01


Kin has hit an incredible milestone of having 20 million unique spenders!

Click here to see the latest stats



Leaderboard (Awaiting Update*)

*The community will be notified as soon as this page is updated


5 Million Kin Giveaway

u/Circle1001 of Reddit is doing a giveaway of 5 million Kin...

Hello everyone,

I am launching a new project called it is a mix between wikipedia, reddit & quora. The idea is to allow any kind of editing and contribution to wikis and discussions (aside from anything illegal) promotion of business etc is allowed.

In order to jump start the website i am giving away 5 million KIN to the person who can create a discussion or article that starts to receive google visitors through good ranking. It literally can be about anything and you can create as many discussions and articles as you want as long as it has decent to good quality. The first person who achieves a post or article that receives those google visitors that gets the 5 million KIN.

Giveaways are not the only way KIN will be implemented probably. At some point contributors will be paid automatically via KIN especially if there will be too many contributors to handle payouts manually.

I am not here to discuss the business strategy or vision so please refrain from giving uncalled for criticism. All i am offering here is an honest form to earn some KIN :-)

I just opened the KIN forum in case somebody wants to post there:

Click here for the original post

Twitter Competition

@CryptoKinNews is running another competition on Twitter, this time for a chance to win 100 million Kin...

Purpose of this: To increase KIN spend opportunities.

If you think you have what it takes to create exciting and creative spend opportunities in your apps, enter now for a chance to win 100m KIN.

A selected panel of community members will judge the new spend opportunities created. Please message me directly to enter! If we get enough interest, we will start the competition and confirm the deadline for when the spends need to live and the guidelines.

Click here to enter

Twitter Competition

@CryptoKinNews is running a fun competition on Twitter for a chance to win 5 million Kin. All you have to do is guess the date you think Kin will hit 5 million monthly active spenders. Closest guess wins! Click here to enter


Test your Kin knowledge by attempting the second Kin Community Crossword Challenge...


Click here to submit your ad


Hi Guys,

I have an opportunity I would like to discuss with people from the UK who are interested in creating a KIN related app. This project is strictly for UK persons only, however at a later date it will be opened up to people outside of the UK.

Can people who are interested please get in touch and I will message you some details. I will need to know your experience as well.

Contact u/lmaton on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 22, 2020


I'm looking for a couple developers who are familiar with Kin to help develop an app. Please PM me if you're interested in hearing more about the project.

Contact u/Drpoofaloof on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 12, 2020


Looking for someone who has up to date knowledge on coding and kin integrationCan provide modern graphics for a gameLooking for both android and Apple releasesWilling to sign a NDA

To inquire about this opportunity please contact me @ u/ABsKiLLz_13

Posted: May 12, 2020


Hey. i am developing i just launched the DUNO ETH token.

i am going to be giving way DUNO token and KIN for free for various tasks. no ICO at all.

i always need UI/UX & programmers (mostly PHP) i am drowning in programming work :-D

but i want only little things done here and there from freelancers rather than hire someone. i don't want to sell equity at all in the project.

Contact u/danjiflow on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Folks interested in supporting the development of Kin.

a developer to build the gamea UX designer to make it look gooda partner to help design the story and functionality

Contact u/Cointoss88 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020

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